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Garnsey’s Feral Acres relies on caring and dedicated volunteers for much of what we do.  If you have a passion for animals and want to make a difference this can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience!  Volunteers participate in all aspects of running the sanctuary and caring for the animals.  No matter your level of experience or capabilities, there are jobs for all. 

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Please confirm that you are at least 18 years or older and that you will not bring any minors onto GFA property with prior consent.
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Thanks to the help of our amazing volunteers, our cats have a raised platform for all of their beds out of the weather and under the loft πŸ’•  
Two days of heavy lifting came out beautiful.#supportyourlocalrescue #cats #feralcats #garnseysferalacres
About coming out to eat today, I think we’ll take it inside πŸ˜‚#donkey #mules #winterwonderland #garnseysferalacres
Tank’s security blanket, just happens to be a 100 pound Great Pyrenees πŸ’•#dontbullymybreed #pitbull #greatpyrenees #unlikelyanimalfriends #adoptdontshop #garnseysferalacres
Gloria decided that instead of an enrichment enclosure, she would make the volunteers project her throne πŸ˜‚#goatsofinstagram #onelifeatatime #garnseysferalacres
My bowl is empty dad. Does that mean it’s dinner time πŸ˜‡#pitbull #dontbullymybreed #adoptdontshop #supportyourlocalrescue #garnseysferalacres #onelifeatatime
Rosie thinks her happy place is napping in a snow bank ⛄️#greatpyrenees #adoptdontshop #winterwonderland #garnseysferalacres
At first glance, this picture looks kind of funny. Until you imagine Burt getting his head stuck in between the bars of the round bail feeder and taking a tumble over a fence and pinching his head under the full weight of his body. I’m not sure how he wasn’t seriously injured, but he actually had to be cut out of the holder with the quick work of Zeke and his metal saw. Sometimes it feels like the universe is a kid with a strange sense of humor πŸ’•πŸ„ #cowsofinstagram #holstein #onelifeatatime #garnseysferalacres #notonthemenu

VENMO:  @garnseysferalacres

Checks:  P.O. Box 313, Clayton NY 13624
Sorry dad, I see plenty of room on the floor, but the couch is currently full πŸ˜‡#adoptdontshop #blueheeler #jackrussell #greatpyrenees #pitbull #dontbullymybreed #garnseysferalacres
Topaz is a big believer that the easiest drink to get, isn’t always the tastiest.
Two years ago, Topaz was labeled unadoptable , because he had a blind eye and an unusually aggressive meow. Today, he’s a lovable companion that gets along with everyone at the farm. Every animal has a place where they belong. #adoptdontshop #catsofinstagram #unlikelyanimalfriends #ifnotmethenwho #garnseysferalacres
If Tank were anymore relaxed, he’d be in a coma πŸ’•#dontbullymybreed #pitbull #pitbullpuppy #adoptdontshop #garnseysferalacres #onelifeatatime
After nearly nine months of perfect health, our boy Flash has had a pretty significant relapse. He has a staff infection in the joint space of his right leg. The previous damage, that we repaired last winter, left a large area susceptible to future infection. Lucky, we learned a great deal from his treatment last year and have already started his weekly treatments . It’s a long road to recovery, but he’s been down it before πŸ’•#onelifeatatime #ifnotmethenwho #supportyourlocalrescue #ducks #garnseysferalacres 

Checks:  P.O. Box 313, Clayton NY 13624

VENMO:  @garnseysferalacres

What a wonderful surprise from our amazing friends of the farm. Keeping track of the items on our Amazon wish list and sending them just in time for Christmas. Our furry friends are so fortunate to have so many loving followers #supportyourlocalrescue #garnseysferalacres #everydonationhelps #fortheanimals

VENMO:  @garnseysferalacres

Checks:  P.O. Box 313, Clayton NY 13624
When you sit on this couch, 

plan on being at the bottom of the pile πŸ’•#greatpyrenees #pitbull #bluehealer #jackrussell #dontbullymybreed #adoptdontshop #supportyourlocalrescue #garnseysferalacres

VENMO:  @garnseysferalacres
Jack and Chrissy enjoying the warmth of a fresh bed of hay together πŸ’•πŸ—#pigs #notonthemenu #peckingorder #onelifeatatime #ifnotmethenwho #supportyourlocalrescue #garnseysferalacres 

VENMO:  @garnseysferalacres
PK is wedged between her two boys Major and Tank watching the morning news πŸ’•#jackrussell #catsofinstagram #pitbulls #dontbullymybreed #adoptdontshop #garnseysferalacres
A wonderful surprise gift from one of our thoughtful sponsors yesterday. Every animal here at Feral Acres has a Christmas stocking hung in the barn. Why not add just one more to your list this year and add some extra joy to an animal’s Christmas.#onelifeatatime #ifnotmethenwho #supportyourlocalrescue #garnseysferalacres

VENMO:  @garnseysferalacres

Checks:  P.O. Box 313, Clayton NY 13624
Not only has our Winnie gotten her hair back, she’s grown a beautiful winter coat πŸ’•πŸ—#onelifeatatime #pigs #ifnotmethenwho #supportyourlocalrescue #notonthemenu #garnseysferalacres
With all that was going on at the farm last week, it would have been easy to say maybe next year. But these amazing volunteers put together this beautiful Christmas float for the annual parade. It’s impossible to describe the importance of a network of volunteers. Peppa and Mr Bean had a wonderful experience meeting people from all over the north country, thanks to the efforts of these amazing volunteers. #supportyourlocalrescue #peoplemakingadifference #garnseysferalacres #pigs
It looks like Harbor isn’t going to get her miracle after all. Our long shot failed convincingly. Her blood work and depression shows that she has lost even more ground during the course of her treatment. She can not be humanely kept out of pain for the trip back to Feral Acres. I’m going to be by her side for her last breath, but if won’t be at home where I wanted it to be. The right choice is seldom the least painful. #fromthefirstbreathtothelast #ifnotmethenwho #doingtherightthing #catsofinstagram #sometimesihatebeingme #garnseysferalacres
I know I can’t speak for everyone but myself, but their are times that I feel like the cost of all these victories we have, is having to go through the extreme anguish of hearing that we have lost. Harbor has a congenital kidney disease that has already shut down one kidney and the other is on its way out as well. The blood tests were worse than I have ever seen. Because I always expect just one more miracle, I opted for a 48 hour treatment inpatient involving large amounts of IV fluids. It’s the only hale marry we can throw at this point, but the doctor is not holding out more than a tiny glimmer of hope. Only three years old and a friend to every animal she has ever met. Life sometimes makes a sharp point that it isn’t always fair 😒#fromthefirstbreathtothelast #onelifeatatime #ifnotmethenwho #garnseysferalacres
Our poor little girl Harbor has taken a pretty extreme turn for the worse. She’s been showing some serious weight loss and has really declined over night. She received IV fluids last night, but has continued to get worse overnight. Waiting on her bloodwork to give us some answers 🐯#onelifeatatime #ifnotmethenwho #catsofinstagram #garnseysferalacres
I don’t even have to look at the temperature outside, I’m guessing it’s cold πŸ˜‚#blueheeler #jackrussell #catsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #unlikelyanimalfriends #garnseysferalacres
I don’t know what happened dad, when I came in last night our new couch was still perfect. But someone snuck in and destroyed it while we were sleeping! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it πŸ˜‚#greatpyrenees #whenworkingdogsarebored #adoptdontshop #givingtuesday #garnseysferalacres
Nothing that happens on GFA should surprise me. This morning, my little 1000 pound angel, Houdini, was down hard waiting for me by the fence. She was non responsive and covered in blood and infection coming from behind her. It looked like a nightmare and we couldn’t get good vitals on her because she was in shock. Nothing that we were seeing looked like she was ever getting up again. After an hour with one of the amazing large animal vets from Watertown Animal Hospital, Doc Miller, we have her inside isolated in a stall and pumped full of antibiotics. We are cautiously optimistic that we may have caught the infection of her uterus in time. #pigs #wheremiricleshappen #onelifeatatime #unlikelyanimalfriends #supportyourlocalrescue #garnseysferalacres 

On this day of thanks, please consider supporting our efforts to keep giving the needs of these animals met. We can’t do it without you πŸ’•πŸ—
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